Jefferson Brass bookends are impressive. Each unique bookend has been flawlessly cast in pure solid brass to jewelry precision. They are heavy enough to be used as a door stop as well. They may be lacquered to preserve the bright hand polished finish. If you choose not to lacquer, they will turn a beautiful aged color that some of our customers prefer.

Our items are made totally by hand, using the same sand casting and finishing processes as in Revolutionary times, in order to retain the authenticity and patina of the past. Because of the completely handcrafted workmanship of each piece, you may occasionally be able to discern very small inclusions, imperfections, and even slight size variations. This is to be expected, and we ask that you understand that they are an inherent part of the manufacturing process. Our brass products, we believe, are the best that can be made today. Every piece is designed and copyrighted by Jefferson Brass.

Volume discounts begin at quantity 10. Please call Customer Service at 877.822.7277 for individual quotes.
Art Deco Double Shell Bookend
Art Deco Double Shell Bookend from $ 180.00
+ Quick Shop
Fox Bookend and Doorstop
Fox Bookend and Doorstop from $ 140.00
+ Quick Shop
Goose Bookend and Door Stop
Goose Bookend and Door Stop from $ 125.00 $ 160.00
+ Quick Shop
Horse Head Brass Bookend
Horse Head Brass Bookend from $ 170.00
+ Quick Shop

Labrador Bookend and Door Stop
Labrador Bookend and Door Stop from $ 160.00
+ Quick Shop
Large Pinapple
Large Pinapple from $ 232.00
+ Quick Shop
Pineapple Bookend and Doorstop
Pineapple Bookend and Doorstop from $ 124.00
+ Quick Shop
Shell Bookend and Doorstop
Shell Bookend and Doorstop from $ 128.00
+ Quick Shop

VA Steps and Colonnade Bookend (Pair)
VA Steps and Colonnade Bookend (Pair) from $ 150.00
+ Quick Shop