Solid Brass Door Knockers

Today, brass is the metal of choice when selecting classic door knockers for both the traditional and contemporary home. The Jefferson Brass Company proudly presents its collection of solid brass doorknockers. Each product is made by hand in an especially hefty weight, and then hand polished to a jewelry finish, making an impressive statement in any home décor. Our products are intended for individuals who appreciate the finest in time-honored craftsmanship.

When someone approaches your doorstep, they automatically form an initial impression. Home décor is an indicator of the owner’s personality, values and tastes, and a door knocker surely is the first glimpse of what to expect inside. At the Jefferson Brass Company we design and manufacture very high quality brass door knockers to fit your unique style and personality. With all of our door knockers, we list the dimensions to include the depth and space between existing holes so that you will know whether you can easily replace a tired, worn out knocker with one of ours. Keep in mind that finding the perfect door knocker to fit existing holes is quite a challenge, but don't be discouraged. You can always use the top hole, and then plug the bottom hole with wood putty, drilling a new bottom hole to accommodate your pick from the exquisite selection that Jefferson Brass offers. It is far more important to have the door knocker of your dreams than to be stuck with one you dislike.

The Jefferson Brass Company offers a wide selection in its unique collection of solid brass door knockers. The Lion Door Knocker, for instance, is elegantly crafted as an authentic replica of the original 18th century knocker that still hangs at 10 Downing Street, the British Prime Minister’s residence. This lion door knocker welcomed guests from all over the world, including those of several of Britain’s great leaders, from Margaret Thatcher to Winston Churchill to Tony Blair. Today, the classic Lion Door Knocker still sends a powerful message of quality and authority.

Reflecting a fundamental elegance of design, the Lafayette door knocker, inspired by the great French/American hero of the American Revolution, is a combination of American simplicity and French elegance. A heavy brass striker button and 2" solid brass machine screws for attachment are included.

Nature's most exquisite form, the scalloped shell, is truly a study in symmetry. Heavily cast in solid brass, this work of art is distinguished by delicate flutes in the classic shape of a scallop, America's favorite seashell. In every instance, you will know we are serious about the word heavy. Just pick one up...feeling is believing!

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