What is a Blow Poker?

What is a Blow Poker and how do I use a Blow Poker?

A combination of a bellows and a poker, Virginia's Blow Poker utilizes the principle of air movement discovered by Bernoulli (1700-1782). A Jefferson Brass exclusive, this exquisitely designed firetool is the best way to restart a dwindling fire. This piece is hand cast in solid brass and is an all in one solution to your fireplace needs. A recent article written by New York designer Bunny Williams in House Beautiful praises Virginia's Blow Poker as the "only firetool you need!" Simply blow through the mouthpiece, pointing the poker at the base of the embers, and watch your fire instantly re-ignite! Use the poker end to adjust the logs. Virginia's Blow Poker was designed with the Shaker tradition in mind, uniquely combining both function and art. This wonderful fireplace accessory comes with a solid brass mounting hook and screws. It is easily attached to any wall or mantel.

Virginia Brass Blow Poker with Mounting Hook

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