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Jefferson Brass's Candle Holders and Candlesticks

Solid brass candle sticks and candle holders compliment any dinner table lighting arrangement or mantelpiece design. Jefferson Brass candlesticks and candleholders are works of art, designed for both decorative and functional purposes. Each piece makes a very impressive statement. At, the candlesticks and candle holders you see are not made by machines, but by the time honored craftsmanship of sand casting. This hand work preserves the sanctity of age-old authenticity and adds tremendous intrinsic value to each piece. In line with the high standards we require, the brass candlesticks and candle holders at boast superior heft and balance. You will be astonished when you receive your first piece and will immediately recognize the definition of the word heavy when we describe these pieces. Our customers are always especially pleased with the unusual weight that is associated with Jefferson Brass products. The candlestick bases are intentionally left open to reveal the fine, heavy brass castings. They are of exquisite quality and are truly works of art. Our products are superior. They sell themselves. Just pick one up. Feeling is believing!

The Tiffany candlestick represents the era of grand family estates on the Hudson River in New York, carrying on the tradition of a time when the absolute finest in quality was routine. Reminiscent of the candlesticks at Carter's Grove, an elegant home on Virginia's James River, the Tulip Grove bespeaks the graciousness of the gentle era of Virginia Tidewater plantations. The Novelli candlestick from the original Novelli townhouse in historic Georgetown, Washington,DC, is a superb example of the clear, crisp elegance of America's federal period. And finally from the elegant plantations of the South, the Small Cricket candlestick is a replica from the Baskin residence in Greenville, Mississippi. It is absolutely stunning as a single piece, used with a 2" wide honeycomb candle.

Please be sure to call our office at 1-877-822-7277, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., if you have any questions or just need some advice about your selection of the magnificent Jefferson Brass candlesticks. Our president, Mary Kirk Goehring, is in the office everyday and truly enjoys talking to customers who seek her knowledge and design expertise.

Jefferson Brass Company's Brass Gift Guide: Most Popular Products

Every year, the Jefferson Brass Company designs spectacular new products in its most popular lines to help keep their loyal customer base returning. The top selling item every year is the solid brass Christmas stocking hangers and holders. Originally designed by Jefferson Brass Creative Director, Jack J. Goehring, III, the stocking hangers are designed to hold any amount of weight. By far the most creative Christmas decorative accessory of this generation, the Jefferson Brass Christmas stocking hangers were the first of their kind. Designed as treasured heirlooms to be passed down through the generations at Christmas, the Jefferson brass stocking hangers and mantel hooks are a unique and delightful way to hang Christmas stockings on a fireplace mantel. Most popular designs include the traditional angels, Christmas tree, Santa, wreath, and snowman stocking hangers and should be the top sellers once again.

Jefferson Brass candlesticks and candle holders are the next most popular items in the line. The Jefferson Brass collection of candlesticks has been cast flawlessly in solid brass to jewelry precision and standards. An impressive statement alone or in groupings, these candle holders will add a pleasing new dimension to your table lighting arrangement. As is traditional with quality candlesticks of superior heft and balance, there is no need to weight the bases; in fact, the bottoms are intentionally left open to reveal the fine, heavy brass castings. They are of superior quality and are truly performing works of art.

The third most popular collection is the brass door knockers. Each Jefferson Brass door knocker is hand made, cast flawlessly in heavy solid brass, to jewelry precision and standards. Our collection of doorknockers offers simple, elegant designs that are suitable for all types of homes, from colonial to contemporary.

Jefferson Brass products are made totally by hand, using the same sand casting and finishing processes as in Revolutionary times, in order to retain the authenticity and patina of the past. These, we believe, are the best brass products on the market today.
September 02, 2015


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What Makes Jefferson Brass Company Special?


Welcome to Jefferson Brass Company, designers and manufacturers of fine gifts, home accessories, fireplace accessories, and religious gifts since 1980. All of our products are hand cast in rich solid brass in very substantial weights. Simply put, we outweigh the competition. Our pieces have more brass in them, thereby adding an increment of value unmatched in the marketplace. That is how we developed our niche as producers of unusually high quality brass gifts and home accents. When you pick up one of our pieces, you will not only be pleased, but actually startled at the solid/hefty feel they provide. We believe our pieces are superior to anyone else's in America. They will sell themselves. 

Creative designs and techniques

Though a few of our products are precise replicas of significant historic pieces, such as the Blair House door knocker, most are the designs of owner/artist and master brass crafter Jack J. Goehring, III. His inspiration is from the exquisite simplicity of the Shaker design and the balance and sense of symmetry as exhibited by Thomas Jefferson. While the castings are made to his exacting specifications by a small custom foundry overseas, Jack Goehring does the historical research, artwork, mechanical drafting and pattern making right there in Virginia in his studio/warehouse, under the watchful eye of his wife and business partner Mary Kirk Goehring!

High quality materials

The brass products we design, produce, and sell here at Jefferson Brass are of the finest quality. They are pure solid brass, flawlessly detailed, and beautifully finished. The finished castings are made to almost jewelry quality and standards, and this is the very basis of their extraordinary value. What you see are works of art, both decorative and functional. We use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. This is our simple concept.


Whether for personal or corporate needs, we offer personalization on many of our items to include the solid brass pencil cup, stamp dispenser, letter opener, key ring, classic urn door kncoker, small shoehorn and bottle opener. Choose from our limited but beautiful fonts and make your gift unique. Our Jefferson Brass artisan engraver is among the few who still use the time honored method of hand engraving, carving your initials or name with a diamond point. The result is an instant heirloom--to be passed down through the generations. If you require assistance with your decision, please call our customer service office between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, and we will be happy to help you. It is our pleasure to make shopping at a successful experience.

Prompt service

Quick response and delivery time is what Jefferson Brass is known for. During normal work weeks, your order is processed and shipped within 24 hours. When holidays approach, we work harder and still have most orders out for delivery within 24 to 48 hours! Remember that personalization may cause a slight delay because our engraving work is done by hand. After receiving an order from Jefferson Brass, your initial impression may be that we bend over backwards for our customers. You are absolutely right! Visit our online catalog for many unique gift ideas. 

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Hefty Brass

A quarter of a century ago in a small studio workshop, an idea was conceived. A husband and wife began to design a small gift line to be made with the finest materials and attention to detail. Their concept was simple. Adding more brass and thus creating a real human dimension to each of their pieces would add an increment level of value unmatched anywhere in the marketplace. In search for a way to maintain their high quality standards at a competitive price, the couple ventured overseas to establish what is today one of the finest brass factories anywhere in the world.

We believe the brass products we design, produce and sell are the best that can possibly be made. They are pure solid brass, flawlessly detailed, and beautifully finished. The castings, unusually heavy, are made to almost jewelry quality and standards—this is the very basis of their extraordinary value. What you see are pieces that are actually works of art, both decorative and functional, that are cast in the authoritative medium of brass. We use only the finest quality of materials and craftsmanship. Jefferson Brass Company has created a whole new meaning to the word hefty. Just pick one up….feeling is believing!

September 02, 2015


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Reasons to Buy Lacquered Brass

Why Some People Prefer Lacquered Brass

Lacquer has been requested by some of our customers for ease of maintenance and to prevent tarnishing. So for the first time in 30 years, Jefferson Brass has decided to offer our valued customers the option of having their products lacquered. This is a choice you will find during the order process where a window pops up asking how you would like your brass finished, polished or lacquered.

Lacquer is a clear coating which protects and preserves the beauty of brass by sealing it from air, the element that causes oxidation and tarnish. Our custom lacquering process does not affect the color of the brass, and it eliminates the need for polishing. Remember lacquer can always be removed by using lacquer remover/thinner and then gently washing it with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Use heavy rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Lacquer is not forever. Exposure to moisture, insect spots and dust can hasten the breakdown of lacquer on your product. But remember, solid brass is just that…solid. It can always be re-polished and re-lacquered, or better yet, have a metal re-finisher do the work for you!

Helpful cleaning tips for Lacquered Brass.

You can safely clean your lacquered brass as it is necessary to remove particles of dust, insect spots or moisture. Wash with tepid, soapy water, rinse and towel dry with a soft cloth. Frequent dusting works wonders. To remove candle wax, soften the accumulated wax with hot tap water, and carefully remove the wax with a soft sponge (or gently scrape with your fingernail!)

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Reasons for Buying Unlacquered Brass

Lacquer is a clear coating which protects and preserves the brass by sealing it from air, which oxidizes (tarnishes) it. Lacquer does not initially affect the color of the brass and is thought to eliminate the need for polishing. However, with the onset of oxidation, the lacquer will eventually deteriorate. So when we began our business 35 years ago, we decided to hand polish each piece, and seal it in air tight bags, rather than lacquer.

There are three major reasons why we didn’t lacquer—one was practical and other others were historical and artistic. First, any lacquer on brass will eventually tarnish and deteriorate—particularly items that are used outdoors and exposed to the elements, like door knockers. Lacquer on items subject to abrasion from manual use, such as candlesticks, fireplace tools and desk accessories, will also discolor and break down. Simply, any lacquered brass item that is useful will in time develop an impaired finish. The period of time for this deterioration will vary depending on location, atmospheric condition, temperature, pollutants, etc. Unfortunately, this condition can’t be corrected by polishing. Before re-polishing, the old lacquer must be removed.

Second, as many of our items are reproductions of famous historical pieces, we thought it was in keeping with their character that they have the natural, hand-polished look. Artificial and temporary finishes such as lacquer detract from their authenticity, we believed.

Finally there were overwhelming aesthetic reasons why we preferred the natural luster of highly polished brass. The color of recently polished brass has a “whiteness” and sparkle about it that is obtained in no other way. It is breathtaking! It is this unique combination of clear color plus the mild warm patina that is created over time by judicious hand polishing that makes the old method of finishing and polishing by hand so special.

September 02, 2015

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Brass Cleaning Tips

Clean Brass

All brass that does not have a varnish/lacquer must be polished from time to time, just like fine silver. It is a simple process that should not be a deterrent from buying unlacquered brass. Jefferson Brass Company has traditionally never lacquered its brass products until now. Instead they enthusiastically promoted a "living finish," which allows you to polish when you want a high gloss look, or not polish when you want a more aged/antique look. When you buy a piece of Jefferson Brass and chose polished as the finish, it is unlacquered, which means that it will require you to clean the brass from time to time to maintain its brilliant shine. Depending on the piece and how much it is handled, you can tell when it needs polishing because its original glow will begin to turn an aged, golden color. How to clean brass:

  1. Buy the best metal polish your local hardware store has to offer. Products we have used and like very much are Cape Cod, Wenol, and Wrights Copper Cream. That's right--copper cream! There is a high copper content in each Jefferson Brass piece. We find that most metal polish suitable for brass is excellent. The key to easy brass cleaning is to buy the best on the market. It makes your life much easier, will last longer, and you will love the rich patina that only freshly polished brass affords.
  2. Use an old soft cotton tee-shirt and follow the directions on the bottle of polish.
  3. Buff dry with a clean cloth, again using an old soft cotton tee-shirt because brass is soft and will scratch.
  4. To remove candle wax, soften accumulated wax with hot tap water, remove the wax with a soft sponge, cloth, or fingernail, and clean with warm soapy water.

Indoor pieces that are not handled often will need polishing 3-4 times a year depending on the atmospheric conditions in your area. Exterior pieces, like door knockers, will need polishing every month to keep them in the bright, high gloss condition you received them.

A question that we often hear is, “How can I tell if my existing brass in my home is lacquered?” Simple. Using a soft cloth, apply metal polish to a section of the piece. If the cloth turns dark/black after rubbing, your piece is unlacquered, and you can proceed with polishing. If there is no color on the cloth, stop! You do not want to polish lacquered brass because chemicals in the polish can break down the temporary protective coating.