Candlesticks Wedding Gift Sale

For the month of June 2016, all Jefferson Brass Candlesticks are on sale for 15% Off using discount code "WEDDING". 

Solid brass candle sticks and candle holders compliment any dinner table lighting arrangement or mantelpiece design. Jefferson Brass candlesticks and candleholders are works of art, designed for both decorative and functional purposes. Each piece makes a very impressive statement. At, the candlesticks and candle holders you see are not made by machines, but by the time honored craftsmanship of sand casting. This hand work preserves the sanctity of age-old authenticity and adds tremendous intrinsic value to each piece. In line with the high standards we require, the brass candlesticks and candle holders at boast superior heft and balance. You will be astonished when you receive your first piece and will immediately recognize the definition of the word heavy when we describe these pieces. Our customers are always especially pleased with the unusual weight that is associated with Jefferson Brass products. The candlestick bases are intentionally left open to reveal the fine, heavy brass castings. They are of exquisite quality and are truly works of art. Our products are superior. They sell themselves. Just pick one up. Feeling is believing!

The Tiffany candlestick represents the era of grand family estates on the Hudson River in New York, carrying on the tradition of a time when the absolute finest in quality was routine. Reminiscent of the candlesticks at Carter's Grove, an elegant home on Virginia's James River, the Tulip Grove bespeaks the graciousness of the gentle era of Virginia Tidewater plantations. The Novelli candlestick from the original Novelli townhouse in historic Georgetown, Washington,DC, is a superb example of the clear, crisp elegance of America's federal period. And finally from the elegant plantations of the South, the Small Cricket candlestick is a replica from the Baskin residence in Greenville, Mississippi. It is absolutely stunning as a single piece, used with a 2" wide honeycomb candle.

Please be sure to call our office at 1-877-822-7277, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., if you have any questions or just need some advice about your selection of the magnificent Jefferson Brass candlesticks. Our president, Mary Kirk Goehring, is in the office everyday and truly enjoys talking to customers who seek her knowledge and design expertise.

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