Chesapeake Collection

The Chesapeake Bay is a treasured ecosystem, rich in history and culture.  The Bay is the largest estuary in North America, a unique habitat where water from rivers and streams meet salt water of the ocean. 

The ‘brackish’ water is a little salty and a little fresh, which describes the people who live, learn, work and play here. 

These tidal wetlands gather an astounding number and variety of wildlife year round, providing critical habitat for fish and shellfish, for birds and mammals to find food, cover and nesting sites, and a winter home for migrating waterfowl. The wetlands slow the flow of pollutants, stabilize shorelines, buffer the effects of storms. 

It’s original peoples were the Nanticoke – ‘the people of the tides’.  Later its shipbuilders served both pirates and patriots.  Its woodlands and wetlands sheltered those fighting for and seeking freedom, from the Revolution War to the Abolition of slavery.

Traditions remain strong as is evident in the economy fueled by oystering, crabbing, fishing, farming, hunting, and boating.

These are the icons of today’s Chesapeake people – the hunter’s retriever, the waterfowl and woodland dwellers. They make classic gifts to people who share the wonder of the Bay.

Here’s to the watermen and fishermen, farmers and hunters, the boaters, birdwatchers and bikers, the  freedom seekers and the preservers and protectors of the treasure that is the tradition of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Jefferson Brass Chesapeake collection captures just this spirit and style of the Chesapeake Bay region. Inspired by wildlife of the land, sea, and sky, this handsome  collection includes some of our most popular brass designs including the Shell Door Knocker and Shell Bookend, Goose Door Knocker and Goose Bookend, as well as the Labrador Door Knocker and Labrador Bookend. Each piece is heavily cast in solid brass and is available in polished brass. These classic pieces will be cherished heirlooms. The precise details of each product are almost lifelike, making them reprensentations of  handcrafted animal art of the Chesapeake culture. Whether decorating a house on the  shore, a beach house, or coastal home, the Jefferson Brass collection evokes nature's splendor of the Chesapeake Bay.