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Jefferson Brass Fireplace Accessories

By far the most popular item in our fireplace accessory line is Virginia's Blowpoke , a combination of a bellows and a poker that utilizes the principle of air movement discovered by Bernoulli in the 18th century. A Jefferson Brass exclusive, this exquisitely designed fire tool is the best way to restart a dwindling fire. This piece is hand cast in solid brass and is an all-in-one solution to your fireplace needs. An article written by New York designer Bunny Williams in House Beautiful praises Virginia's Blow Poker as the "only fire tool you need!" The piece comes with a beautiful, heavy support hook that is easily mounted to a wall or fireplace mantel.

Jefferson Brass features a wide array of brass fireplace accessories, including a small version of Virginia's Blow Poker, called the Huntsman Collapsible Blowpoke. Also included in the line is a decorative brass fire tool set, inspired by Thomas Jefferson, which has an elegant elliptical shape in its main base which is seen again in the gracious curves of the elliptical handles. The entire set is heavily cast in solid brass, and its quality is truly remarkable. You will instantly know the meaning of the word heavy when you pick up one of these fire tools! Other accessories in solid brass include fireplace pokers featuring a fox head and a duck head, a damper pull, and a jamb hook, the traditional and classic support hook for a single fire tool poker. 

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