Hefty Brass

A quarter of a century ago in a small studio workshop, an idea was conceived. A husband and wife began to design a small gift line to be made with the finest materials and attention to detail. Their concept was simple. Adding more brass and thus creating a real human dimension to each of their pieces would add an increment level of value unmatched anywhere in the marketplace. In search for a way to maintain their high quality standards at a competitive price, the couple ventured overseas to establish what is today one of the finest brass factories anywhere in the world.

We believe the brass products we design, produce and sell are the best that can possibly be made. They are pure solid brass, flawlessly detailed, and beautifully finished. The castings, unusually heavy, are made to almost jewelry quality and standards—this is the very basis of their extraordinary value. What you see are pieces that are actually works of art, both decorative and functional, that are cast in the authoritative medium of brass. We use only the finest quality of materials and craftsmanship. Jefferson Brass Company has created a whole new meaning to the word hefty. Just pick one up….feeling is believing!

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