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Jefferson Brass Company's Brass Gift Guide: Most Popular Products

Every year, the Jefferson Brass Company designs spectacular new products in its most popular lines to help keep their loyal customer base returning. The top selling item every year is the solid brass Christmas stocking hangers and holders. Originally designed by Jefferson Brass Creative Director, Jack J. Goehring, III, the stocking hangers are designed to hold any amount of weight. By far the most creative Christmas decorative accessory of this generation, the Jefferson Brass Christmas stocking hangers were the first of their kind. Designed as treasured heirlooms to be passed down through the generations at Christmas, the Jefferson brass stocking hangers and mantel hooks are a unique and delightful way to hang Christmas stockings on a fireplace mantel. Most popular designs include the traditional angels, Christmas tree, Santa, wreath, and snowman stocking hangers and should be the top sellers once again.

Jefferson Brass candlesticks and candle holders are the next most popular items in the line. The Jefferson Brass collection of candlesticks has been cast flawlessly in solid brass to jewelry precision and standards. An impressive statement alone or in groupings, these candle holders will add a pleasing new dimension to your table lighting arrangement. As is traditional with quality candlesticks of superior heft and balance, there is no need to weight the bases; in fact, the bottoms are intentionally left open to reveal the fine, heavy brass castings. They are of superior quality and are truly performing works of art.

The third most popular collection is the brass door knockers. Each Jefferson Brass door knocker is hand made, cast flawlessly in heavy solid brass, to jewelry precision and standards. Our collection of doorknockers offers simple, elegant designs that are suitable for all types of homes, from colonial to contemporary.

Jefferson Brass products are made totally by hand, using the same sand casting and finishing processes as in Revolutionary times, in order to retain the authenticity and patina of the past. These, we believe, are the best brass products on the market today.

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