How to Take Care of Brass

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How to Take Care of Brass

Polished vs Lacquered Brass? Brass 101 - here are easy tips and tricks to clean, polish, and maintain brass. Everything you need to know about how to take care of brass.

Refresh your stocking hangers, wreath hangers and trivets each holiday season with a quick wash in hot water using Wright's copper cream found in most hardware or grocery stores.  Gently dry using a very old, soft cloth to prevent scratching the brass.  Followed by a quick once over with any good metal polish, and your Jefferson Brass products will sparkle like new!  No need to do anything with the lacquered ones other than wipe them with a clean soft cloth. Do Not polish lacquered brass as it will break down the protective coating. How to tell if you have lacquered or polished pieces? Apply a tiny amount of polish in a small area, and if the cloth turns black after gentle rubbing, your brass is polished. and you can begin the annual cleaning.

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