Lab Door Knocker

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One of America's best family pets, the Labrador Retriever is well known not only for its gentle and loving disposition, but its skill and talent as a hunting dog. Our lab door knocker sculpture is made of solid brass and was inspired by the great goose hunting yellow lab. Known for its quality, our Labrador Retriever dog door knocker is hand cast in solid brass with the finest craftsmanship. The precise detail is almost lifelike, making it an excellent example of handcrafted animal art. A sophisticated and charming door knocker. Available in polished or lacquered finish.

Comes with a heavy solid brass striker button and 2” brass screws.

Measures: 4.5” x 5” x 4.” Spacing between the holes: 2.25”, which may vary slightly as each piece is hand made. If selecting finishing buttons, this door knocker requires 2.