Huntsman Collapsible Brass Blow Poker

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Designed with the outdoorsman in mind, the Huntsman blow Poker lightens and revolutionizes this traditional fireplace accessory. Now hunters, backpackers, campers, and scouts alike can carry this uniquely designed fire tool when they're on the go! Simply blow through the mouthpiece, pointing the poker at the base of the embers, and watch your fire instantly re-ignite! Use the poker end to adjust the logs. This exquisitely designed fire tool is the best way to restart a dwindling fire on the go. This piece is hand cast in solid brass and is a portable solution for tending to the fire. Comes in 2 easily attachable parts.

Measures 30" long. Weighs 2.00 lbs. Exclusively from Jefferson Brass. NO GIFT WRAP AVAILABLE ON THIS ITEM.