Art Deco Bookend - Double Shell

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Since ancient times, the scallop shell has been considered one of nature's most beautiful and exquisite forms. Our art deco brass shell bookend, made of solid brass in stylized form, was inspired by the very sense of balance and proportion that only nature can create. Imposing one shell upon another, in art deco fashion, this shell brass bookend uniquely accentuates the grace of nature's prized possession. A sophisticated and elegant addition to your library, office, mantel, or display. Can be used as a bookend or doorstop. Art Deco Bookend is hand cast in solid brass to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. 

Measures 9" x 8". Each brass bookend and doorstop is sold individually.

Because of the handcrafted workmanship of each piece, you may occasionally be able to discern very small inclusions, imperfections, and even slight size variations. This is to be expected, and we ask that you understand that they are an inherent part of the manufacturing process. Our products are solid brass, and we believe they are the best that can be made today. They sell themselves...just pick one up. Feeling is believing! If you receive one that has a slight discoloration, it is not a defect. It has travelled over 8,000 miles from the factory to our warehouse. Use a metal polish, such as Brasso or Wenol, to correct any discoloration.