Church Brass Stocking Holder

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Solid brass Church Stocking Holder. Exclusively from Jefferson Brass Company, this church brass stocking hanger is cleverly engineered and will support any amount of weight without leaving unsightly nail holes or marring the mantel top. IMPORTANT NOTE: For mantel ledges more than 2" thick, please call our toll free number at 877-822-7277 for options. Measures 4" high. Weighs 0.83 lbs.

How It Works: The figure only is the measurement we describe online. The hook that we sell fits most traditional mantels which are 2" thick or less. In order for these solid brass stocking hangers to "work," the flat edge of the top of the hook where the figure sits needs to sit all the way back on the mantel top so that the hook itself drops down and returns slightly aft of the edge of the mantel. This allows the center of gravity to be aft of the edge and actually permits the hanger to support almost unlimited weight.