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What makes Jefferson Brass Door Knockers unique

Brass doorknockers have evolved from being a good luck charm placed on the front door to a statement of tasteful personal style. You can spot a brass door knocker on most types of doors. Don’t be surprised if many of them bear the signature work of The Jefferson Brass Company. The castings, unusually heavy, are made to almost jewelry quality and standards--this is the very basis of their extraordinary value. We use only the finest quality of materials and craftsmanship. This is our simple concept.

Buy brass door knockers from, and you will know the meaning of quality brass. Each doorknocker represents our complete commitment to excellence in design and standard of quality. It is this precise reason that our customers keep returning to the website to purchase yet another Jefferson Brass piece.

What makes Jefferson Brass so different? Our collection of door knockers offers simple, elegant designs that are suitable for all types of homes, from colonial to contemporary. You will immediately recognize the meaning of superior weight and quality that is the trademark of Jefferson Brass. Just pick one up....feeling is believing! These pieces are truly works of art. offers a range of designs and sizes of brass doorknockers. From a simple classic ring to a magnificant fox mask doorknocker, everyone will find one they will admire and enjoy. Where you place it and how the piece enhances your décor depends very much on your own personality. We have found that many customers who sell their homes have taken their treasured Jefferson Brass door knockers with them. The new owner will often call us for an exact replacement!

Jefferson Brass Company’s brass doorknockers are not just about style and design. They are about quality. The items we manufacture are made totally by hand, using the same sand casting and finishing processes as in Revolutionary times. This is absolutely necessary to retain the authenticity, the patina, and the special feeing that our products offer. Each brass knocker comes with a heavy solid brass striker button and brass screws. Brass is a metal of the ages and is the perfect medium for high quality door knockers.

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