June 05, 2016


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Candlesticks Wedding Gift Sale

For the month of June 2016, all Jefferson Brass Candlesticks are on sale for 15% Off using discount code "WEDDING". 

Solid brass candle sticks and candle holders compliment any dinner table lighting arrangement or mantelpiece design. Jefferson Brass candlesticks and candleholders are works of art, designed for both decorative and functional purposes. Each piece makes a very impressive statement. At, the candlesticks and candle holders you see are not made by machines, but by the time honored craftsmanship of sand casting. This hand work preserves the sanctity of age-old authenticity and adds tremendous intrinsic value to each piece. In line with the high standards we require, the brass candlesticks and candle holders at boast superior heft and balance. You will be astonished when you receive your first piece and will immediately recognize the definition of the word heavy when we describe these pieces. Our customers are always especially pleased with the unusual weight that is associated with Jefferson Brass products. The candlestick bases are intentionally left open to reveal the fine, heavy brass castings. They are of exquisite quality and are truly works of art. Our products are superior. They sell themselves. Just pick one up. Feeling is believing!

The Tiffany candlestick represents the era of grand family estates on the Hudson River in New York, carrying on the tradition of a time when the absolute finest in quality was routine. Reminiscent of the candlesticks at Carter's Grove, an elegant home on Virginia's James River, the Tulip Grove bespeaks the graciousness of the gentle era of Virginia Tidewater plantations. The Novelli candlestick from the original Novelli townhouse in historic Georgetown, Washington,DC, is a superb example of the clear, crisp elegance of America's federal period. And finally from the elegant plantations of the South, the Small Cricket candlestick is a replica from the Baskin residence in Greenville, Mississippi. It is absolutely stunning as a single piece, used with a 2" wide honeycomb candle.

Please be sure to call our office at 1-877-822-7277, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., if you have any questions or just need some advice about your selection of the magnificent Jefferson Brass candlesticks. Our president, Mary Kirk Goehring, is in the office everyday and truly enjoys talking to customers who seek her knowledge and design expertise.

Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is on Sunday June 19, 2016. What better way to celebrate dad than with personalized brass gifts from Jefferson Brass Company. Click Here to see our Father's Day Gifts.

Our Brass desk and decorative items are designed for gift giving - these high quality pieces set the executive standard. Intended for discriminating individuals who appreciate superb craftsmanship, Jefferson Brass decorative accessories for the office and home are designed to be used, admired, and above all, enjoyed. 

Many of our brass gifts can even be customized with monograms and engravings for an extra special touch.

Receive 15% OFF all Executive gifts for Father's Day by using the discount code "DAD" at checkout.

Mother's Day Gifts

Sunday May 8, 2016 is Mother's Day, and if you are looking for the perfect gift, check out our Brass Gift Guide for Mother's Day. These are five great gifts that any mother is sure to love.

1. Bud Vase


2. Custom Engravable Brass Key Ring and Luggage Tag

3. Dogwood Clip


 4. Garden Pets



5. Tulip Flower Candle Holder

Brass Door Knockers on SALE

A Big Sale is Knocking on your Door. All Jefferson Brass Company Door Knockers on sale for a limited time using Discount Code " KNOCK "

Shop the Door Knocker collection in April and May 2016 to get in on this deal.

Remember to type in the Discount Code KNOCK at checkout to redeem this offer.


Each Jefferson Brass door knocker is hand made, cast flawlessly in heavy solid brass, to jewelry precision and standards. Our collection of door knockers offers simple, elegant designs that are suitable for all types of homes, from colonial to contemporary. They are of superior quality and are truly performing works of art. These door knockers will require polishing from time to time. If you choose not to polish, they will naturally turn a beautiful aged color, resembling bronze, that some of our customers prefer. They may also be lacquered to preserve the original bright hand polished finish. 

March 16, 2016


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Jefferson Brass Company on Social Media

Follow Jefferson Brass Company on our social media pages for photos that will inspire your home design and keep you up to date on sales and discounts. Now, you can also shop directly from our images on Pinterest and Facebook.

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January 23, 2016


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What is a Blow Poker?

What is a Blow Poker and how do I use a Blow Poker?

A combination of a bellows and a poker, Virginia's Blow Poker utilizes the principle of air movement discovered by Bernoulli (1700-1782). A Jefferson Brass exclusive, this exquisitely designed firetool is the best way to restart a dwindling fire. This piece is hand cast in solid brass and is an all in one solution to your fireplace needs. A recent article written by New York designer Bunny Williams in House Beautiful praises Virginia's Blow Poker as the "only firetool you need!" Simply blow through the mouthpiece, pointing the poker at the base of the embers, and watch your fire instantly re-ignite! Use the poker end to adjust the logs. Virginia's Blow Poker was designed with the Shaker tradition in mind, uniquely combining both function and art. This wonderful fireplace accessory comes with a solid brass mounting hook and screws. It is easily attached to any wall or mantel.

Virginia Brass Blow Poker with Mounting Hook

September 02, 2015


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Solid Brass Tabletop Accessories

Today, the authoritative medium of brass is chosen for works of art, both decorative and functional. The Jefferson Brass Company proudly presents its tabletop collection of gifts and home accents. Each is made to a specific weight, and our talented craftsmen create each one by hand. After the pieces are cast, they are meticulously hand polished to a brilliant sheen. At Jefferson Brass we urge you to look closely for the clues that these pieces are hand made. Because of the completely handcrafted workmanship of each piece, you may be able to discern very small inclusions, imperfections, and even slight size variations in the pieces. These are not considered flaws! Rather this is the key to the intrinsic value of something truly made by hand. Each will have its own individual character, and we ask hat you accept this as an inherent part of the manufacturing process. Uniqueness is thus guaranteed. These items may be ordered hand polished to insure that the brilliant luster of hand polished brass remains or lacquered with a clear seal to help prevent tarnishing. Our tabletop accessories will last forever and their heirloom quality serves as a reminder of the grace, technique and tradition of excellent craftsmanship that has been meticulously maintained for over 36 years. You will immediately recognize the difference in our brass pieces from other manufacturers because of their extraordinary weight. We believe our products are superior. They will sell themselves. Just pick one up. Feeling is believing!

The universal symbol for hospitality and welcome throughout America, and especially in Virginia for nearly 200 years, has been the pineapple. The design of our pineapple trivet and pineapple bookend/doorstop dates back to 1789 in South Carolina when it was struck by a plantation outside of Charleston to commemorate the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. When the great clipper ships and merchant vessels of colonial days returned from their voyages bearing exotic fruits from the West Indies, captains and sailors alike would display a pineapple over their door as a sign to friends of their return home safely and that visitors were welcome. It has evolved over the years into a wonderful symbol of gracious living. Truly, this is a ‘performing’ work of art.

Another example of American art/memorabilia is the Key to the Bastille. In 1790, the Marquis de Lafayette presented the Key to the Bastille to George Washington as a symbol of freedom. Today, the original "Key to the Fortress of Despotism" hangs in a glass case in the central hall of Mount Vernon, George Washington's plantation on the Potomac River. As an executive gift, paperweight or decorative accessory, this historical memento pays tribute to the ideals that have made our country great.